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We are involved with Body Builders for over 20 years, during which I have treated hundreds prominent professionals and armatures Body builders and athletes. There are different reasons for the development of this condition although the more common one is anabolic steroids intake .When surgical treatment is a comprehensive one it ensures the prevention of a recurrence and therefor the results are permanent. See our prcedure: "The Natural Blend Technique"

Jason Arntz
Ironman Pro Invitational - 8th Place - 2002
PC National Championships - Heavyweight, 1st - 1998
USA Championships - Heavyweight, 1st - 1998

Dave Palumbo (Editor-in-Chief of RX MUSCLE Magazine)
NPC USA - Super Heavyweight, 6th - 2004
NPC Nationals - Super Heavyweight, 6th - 2003
NPC USA - Super Heavyweight, 3rd - 2002 |
Geno Sylvain (Well known New York based personal trainer)
NPC New Jersey - Master's over 35, 1st - 2001
NPC East Coast - Light Heavyweight, 2nd - 2001
NPC NY Metropolitan - Overall, 1st - 2001 |
Greg Kovacs
Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic - Heavyweight, 13th - 2003
IFBB Ironman Pro Invitational - Heavyweight - 16th - 1998
NPC Canadian Championships - Heavyweight, 1st - 1996
Derek Anthony
NPC Collegiate Nationals - Heavyweight, 3rd - 2002
NPC New York Grand Prix Amateur - Overall Teen, 1st - 2000
Bev Francis NPC Eastern Classic - Overall Teen, 1st - 1999
Colette Nelson (Post Breast Augmentation)
World Universe - Heavyweight & Overall, 1st - 2004
IFBB North American - Light Heavyweight, 1st - 2004
NPC Team Universe - Heavyweight, 1st - 2004

Bodybuilders and Gynecomastia

by Dr. Mordcai Blau, M.D., P.C.

The X-generation pre-occupation with body image encompasses both sexes. A flat chest is aesthetically appealing to the male, especially when the pec muscle mound is protruding to a perfect masculine shape. Females on the other side do want a curvature chest with a noticeable mound of breast tissue over the pectoris muscle.

The opposite sex means female will emphasis the glandular component of the breast while males do wish the mammary gland to disappear and therefore accentuation of the muscle. Socially this kind of a male physique is considered as very pleasing and therefore is a positive for the ones that can achieve it. This physiologic changes can improve the male psychology and eliminate a social stigma. Over the last decade the art of BB become ever more popular and a large numbers of dedicated ambitious people are determined to excel in this art and find it very rewarding.

This inspiration to perfection puts psychological pressure on a large number of males that strive to a fast, easy rewards of better performance in a shorter time and winning competitions.

For an increase in muscle bulk those BB are resorting to the use of anabolic steroids that will result in a quick improvement of the male physique but is also implicated in the development of gynecomastia. The steroids that aromatize like Sustanon, Anadrol and Dianbol are easily convert to estrogen and stimulate glandular tissue growth, other steroids are dose related .Adional stimulants of large male breast are marijuana, medications as digitalis, propecia and many more. some cases are idiopathic which means the reason is unknown. Family history is prevalent in about 2/3 of the Gynecomastia cases I perform.

What happens after the Steroids cycle:

As part of the defense mechanism Testosterone increases the levels of aromatization and therefor the conversion to estradiol occurs .This increased manufacture of estrogen causes an excessive stimulus to the glandular tissue which results in Gynecomastia . After the correct surgical intervention when 90-95% of the glandular tissue is excised the very few estrogen receptors left are not sufficient to produce a recurrence of this condition and therefor cure becomes permanent.

The lack of understanding of substances like testosterone and its derivative is the core problem of most of steroids users. Unfortunately those substances are unregulated and unsupervised.

In New York City (NYC) Manhattan and New York State, NY Connectict CT, New Jersey NJ,Pennsylvania PA and in some other states biopsy is mandatory by law. Although Male can develop breast cancer it is rare and occurs in one out of 30,000 males, the occurrence is usually in the 6th decade and it most commonly found under the areola. Due to the rare occurrence breast cancer and the difficulty in diagnosis by only palpation of the mass, biopsy is a definite requirement and should be performed in all cases.

A large male breast is a problems to BB as it is a crucial component of so called "perfect physiques" and can determine the competition results . Over the years I have performed Gynecomastia procedures on many professionals and to date I am not aware of any recurrence.

When performing this surgery on Body Builders it is crucial to excise the vast majority of the glandular tissue. Knowing the anatomy of Gynecomastia (see natural blend technique and anatomy) it is essential to remove all the breast tissue medially and laterally to the nipple areola complex (NAC). Only a small amount of glandular tissue should be left to avoid deformity (less then 10%).

Recurrence is extremely rare if excision was done correctly. Prior to surgery the patient to stop all nutritional supplements like Omega 3, fish oil, proteins, creatine and others, as well as asperin, advil and cold medication. All those substances contain blood thinning agents and therefore will increase bleeding during the surgery which may impede fast healing and complete removal of the mammary gland. Post surgery bleeding may result in seromas and hematomas (see recovery).

The small inferior areolar incision (1 inch in length) that is used by me will typically result in a small and usually unnoticeable scar.The use of fiber optic light source provides an ample access to the see the entire mammary tissue that can be excise under direct vision. During the 25 years I have performed Gynecomastia surgery in body builders I have never had any complaints about a visible scars.

Since body builders are lean and have a small insignificant amount of fatty tissue after adequate excision of the glandular tissue the skin will drapes perfectly over the well defined pectorals muscle. The chest will have a masculine and an attractive shape. This is exactly the reason why none of my BB patients experienced a depression.

Liposuction is usually not necessary in BB.

As with other surgeries the patient should have realistic expectations which ensures is satisfaction from this procedure.

It is of the utmost importance that the patient will consult a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience with Gynecomastia. In today's world the patient can look at the Gynecomastia surgeon's web-site. It will provide him with a large number of before and after photos.

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