Severe Cases of Gynecomastia

Severe Cases of Gynecomastia Before & After Pictures

  • © Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Pictures
  • © Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Pictures
  • © Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Pictures

Patient: 26
Age: 15
Location: West Nyack, NY (Rockland County, New Y
Post-Op Severe Cases of Gynecomastia Photos: 1 Month

This 15-year-old teenager from Westchester County, NY was unhappy and embarrassed at school because of his large male chest when he was asked to participate in activities that involved removing his shirt. He learned that adolescent gynecomastia affects many young boys about 8 to 12 years of age and it typically goes away after a few years on its own, but his condition had not resolved itself. After discussing with a teacher about his concerns, they talked about the issue with his parents and they decided that plastic surgery to correct the condition was a good option. The teen and his parents learned that Dr. Mordcai Blau is a world authority and an accomplished author in the subject of Gynecomastia surgery. Surgery included an excision of the glandular tissue and liposuction. The nipple area will shrink on it’s own now that the gladular tissue has been removed. Although the scar is visible, it will continue to fade over time. The young man is very happy with his results, and he now is no longer self-conscious about removing his shirt. Dr. Blau sees many patients from all over the country including Mesa, AZ; Virginia Beach, VA; and Oakland, CA. Call Dr. Blau’s office at 914-428-4700 if you would like to find out more information about being a patient.

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