Severe Cases of Gynecomastia

Severe Cases of Gynecomastia Before & After Pictures

Patient: 41
Age: 14
Location: Dallas Texas Gynecomasia Male Breast Reduction befor and after pictures
Post-Op Severe Cases of Gynecomastia Photos: 1 year

This 14-year-old patient who is 5′10″and 200 lbs had Gynecomastia condition since a very early age. The size and shape of the enlarged breasts were an indication that even if some reduction will occur spontaneously, excess skin and soft tissue will still remain. The elasticity of the skin in such a young age will result in a significant improvement that may not occur and be less dramatic in an older patient. This important decision may be a long process and will involve the patient, his family and often other professionals such as pediatricians, psychologists, social workers, and occasionally endocrinologists and teachers. Comprehensive consultations with maximum information should be provided prior to surgery. When it is done properly and on the right patient it can be beneficial during the difficult adolescent (teenage) years.

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